Audit Management Software

Audit management, control processes, checks and tests

Digitize all kinds of checklists, report and solve non-compliances, analyze data in real time, pursue continuous improvement.

audit multi dispositivo

Audit Management Software

Audits, control processes, inspections and testing

audit multi dispositivo

Digitise all your checklist, manage and resolve non-conformities, analyse data in real time, implement continuous improvement.

A complete system for
audit management and more

Intuitive, collaborative and flexible, Audit Manager will allow you to improve control process management and achieve business goals


The solution

Digitise your operations, identify defects and non-conformities, improve your business!

Audit Manager consists of a web portal and a mobile app that are synchronised with each other to ensure a data stream that is updated in real time.

The web portal for desktop use allows you to configure the audit parameters – categories, checklists, types of answers, etc.. – plan and manage audits, non-conformities and findings, analyse collected data and print reports.

The mobile app can be used to complete checklists online and offline and upload multimedia files, report any non-conformities detected and plan corrective actions to be assigned to the team involved through alerts and email notifications.

The app

Multi-device, easy and intuitive to use, the app allows you to quickly upload any type of file!

The auditor consults the audit plan, completes different types of checklists (regulatory, ISO, procedural, organisational), collects field evidence (including on maps or plans) with the support of photos, videos, audio and other multimedia files, electronically signs the final report to be sent to the client or employer and starts the management process for the detected non-conformities, with the possibility to send notifications and alerts to the people involved.

App available for iOS, Android and Windows!

The main benefits of Audit Manager

Simplicity and speed

Easy process management thanks to the web portal, created for planning and monitoring, and the mobile app, created for immediate data collection.


Audit, control and inspection activities will be planned and digitized. Non-conformities and findings will be managed with corrective actions.


Data and process uniformity with greater control over information collection and processing.


Do away with information transfer times, report preparation and periodic reporting.


Valuable information on the solid base of data collected through analysis, KPIs, charts and reports.


Total openness for integration with other company systems: HR, PBS, CRM…

Use cases

Customer success is our success

  • Audit Manager per Azimut Benetti
    Thanks to the collaboration that has bound us for years, Azimut | Benetti Group presents Audit Manager with us. During three different talks, Claudio Gai (Head of Quality of Azimut Yachts),...
  • Audit Manager per Coop
    The management of multi-site structures such as large-scale distribution and retail groups involves a very high degree of complexity due to the division of the business on points ...
  • Audit Manager per Pattern Group
    One of the biggest challenges that brands in the Luxury sector have to face is the sustainable approach to business, meeting the expectations of consumers, and beyond, in terms of Quality ...

Do you also want your Audit Manager?

Contact us: we will send you the complete presentation and schedule an online demo!

Do you also want your Audit Manager?

Contact us: we will send you the complete presentation and schedule an online demo!