perfection to attain.

We know how important the quality control and inspection phases are for companies who manufacture high end and luxury products.
Thanks to a deep experience in the market, we can guarantee:

  • total customization of the checklists, functionalities and graphics
  • detection of defects which can be categorized and monitored
  • planning calendar to organize the audits and corrective actions
  • integration with systems already existing in the company, sensors and hardware
  • continued collaboration and assistance


Safety Audit: Safety and Health on Work

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The safety and health audit at workplace is a tool that allows a company to know the degree of implementation and compliance in various industrial sector including, the most important are:

  • Implementation and compliance with the mandatory standards
  • Analysis of the main processes, secondary and transverse
  • Assess program quality improvement related to products or services offered
  • Assess the degree of implementation of a management system
  • Evaluation and qualification of suppliers of goods or services for compliance with specifications, contracts, business procedures and constraints of the contract specification or technical-qualitative
  • Evaluation of the service providers in processing account or deposit account
  • Pre-audit and audit qualification of contractors, pre-certification audit preliminary audit by the independent accredited external Sincert.

Environmental Audit: environmental standards and sustainability

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Environmental audit, whether performed internally and when applied by external bodies or organizations in order to obtain a “brand” (EMAS environmental certification UNI 14001, etc..) Is a tool that allows a business to get a very detailed picture of its state of affairs in relation to environmental standards and sustainability with regard to the potential impacts derived from their activity against various environmental compartments.

Clinical Audit: high quality levels of care

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Clinical audit is the process through which doctors, nurses and other health professionals systematically and regularly review and, if necessary, change their clinical practice.

Clinical audit is a tool that allows you to check the ability to provide and maintain high quality levels of care, assessing and measuring the differences in nursing practice than standard explicitly defined.

HACCP Audit: food safety and product quality

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The HACCP audit allows you to monitor constantly the requirements for effective control of food safety and product quality.

The audit activities in the field of food security, focuses on the collection of evidence relating to the fact that OSA is able to identify in its organization and its processes related to food safety, every potential area of improvement . It must identify further areas of the OAS that have anomalies and the actions that must be implemented to correct them (Australia New Zealand Food Authority, 2001).

Quality Audit: improving the performance of the organization

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The quality audit is a valuable tool to verify that a product, process, program or organization comply with the relevant specifications or standards. It is therefore a methodical study and independent verification of one or more elements of a system of quality management of their operations, in accordance with the models, results and effectiveness of the projects, the purpose of compliance with the contract and the improvement of organizational performance.

231 Audit: administrative liability of companies

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Legislative Decree 231/01, introduced into Italian law a system of administrative liability of companies for crimes committed exhaustively listed and to the benefit of the company, from employees. Among the penalties, those certainly more burdensome for the company are represented by the prohibitive measures, such as suspension or revocation of licenses and permits, prohibition of contracting with the public administration, the prohibition of activity exercise, the exclusion or withdrawal of funding and contributions, a ban on advertising goods and services. The company may be exempted from the administrative liability of the above, if it proves that it has adopted and effectively implemented an organizational model designed to prevent crime, therefore exempting said.

The Audit, aimed at companies already have their own Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, is designed to support the activity of the internal control effectiveness and adequacy of the Supervisory Board on functioning.

Atex Audit: Professional audit for protection from explosion risk

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Focus Informatica in collaboration with and under the supervision of USI – Union Information Security – year of the innovative App “EX AUDIT” system-based Audit Manager.

The App “EX AUDIT”, conceived within projects USI, EX-CLASS and EX_PROD, you can:

  • easily perform AUDIT professional protection from explosion risk-based check-list substantiated by monitoring bodies.
  • achieve report automatically
  • manage more easily in cloud auditors
  • plan and perform the audit fieldwork
  • analyze the data collected by the activity of auditing

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