Audit Manager users speak out
audit manager reviews

Audit Manager users speak out

Opinions and reviews of customers who use our digital audit management software every day

Once upon a time there was the testimonial, that more or less famous character who, for a fee, ensured on TV that he really used and fell in love with the product he advertised.One of the facets that has revolutionised the way we consume and communicate in the digitised world is to give us the chance of evaluating the opinions of other real customers like us who have purchased a product that could interest us.

The testimonials of the past have gradually lost value, overtaken by a social approach to purchasing that allows us to read the considerations of those who have actually used a service, obtaining information without filters or intermediaries.

Audit Manager is a leading product of the digitization era, so we couldn’t escape this contemporary tradition and we are ready to share the reviews of customers who use our solution to digitise audit, quality control and testing processes day by day.

The experiences of our customers 

Audit Manager gives the possibility of customising the software to the company needs, this flexibility, scalability and adaptability are the reason why we can boast comments from many different business branches.

Each enterprise is like a body and each body has different functions, criticalities and characteristics; the task of Audit Manager is to tailor itself exactly on these bodies.Our developers are in full harmony with the needs that emerge in the analysis phase and integrate the tools necessary to optimise processes and enhance data.

What Audit Manager users love most 

By virtue of the comments and reviews of our customers we have understood what they appreciate most about our software both in the web portal version and in the App version for mobile devices.

The main reasons for satisfaction we have found out are:

Customised Checklists


File upload


Easy data access

Customised Checklists

An engineer like Davide who works in the yachting manufacturer, and an audit specialist as Alessandro, employed in a medium-sized company, both agree in praising the tools to process, collect and edit checklists with Audit Manager software.

Davide underlines the ease of management of the checklists and the speed of access to reports and data history. He argues that: “All users have access to the same information at the same time, removing any misunderstandings due to the verbal exchange of information.”.

Alessandro instead focuses on the high level of customization of the checklists which allows it to be perfectly adapted to business needs and optimises inspection and audit activities.


Angelo’s review expresses the satisfaction for Audit Manager user friendly interface from its title: ‘Very practical and adaptable software’. He considered usability as a very important element in his role of supermarket manager where audit operations are very deep and continuous.

Even construction sites in terms of standards and inspections are too exigent. Lorenzo knows it well, after using Audit Manager for over two years during audits on the field. He focuses on the ease of digitising data and integrating Audit Manager into the corporate digital ecosystem.

File upload

Matteo is responsible for the Prevention and Protection Service at a retail company and reports how useful it is to be able to edit the images directly during the audit.

Because of his employment as a test technician, Luca understands how important it is to be able to upload files and share that immediately. The feature to add notes, photos, videos and any other attachment to the audit report really impressed him.


Lorenzo has been using our audit management software for over two years and has appreciated the ability to replace, add or modify functions to fit the needs of the company.

Even Angelo, Matteo and Claudio agree in praising the high adaptability of the software and the handiness and ability of our developers in identifying and integrating the specific tools and utilities fits for each case.

Easy data access

Gianluca defines our audit management system as ‘a quantum leap for Quality Control‘ due to the possibility of collecting and sharing in digital format all the information that was previously dispersed in a variety of file formats and styles. In his role as an IT consultant, Gianluca expressed that he gained efficiency by choosing Audit Manager.

Even Luca, during his tests, experienced the convenience and usefulness of being able to access data and reports from a single device that makes information available in real time, easy to share and to filter.

Finally, the quality manager Mattia underlines how much the speed of sharing has optimised the interaction with external partners.

What we have improved thanks to customer feedback 

Obviously, the plus of having real testimonials is that they are not forced to only acclaim the product like old time testimonials used to do, but also underline problems or improvable features. This is not a shame at all, rather a great opportunity to achieve continuous improvement and customer retention.

For example, thanks to the comments regarding slowness issues encountered in some cases using our audit management system, developers immediately identified the problem and quickly released an update that fixed the problem.

Without the reviews of our customers, we would certainly have taken longer to identify the critical issues and our commitment to user satisfaction would have slowed down.   As we always say to those who rely on our Business Intelligence products: listening to users is the most effective way to develop ever more sustainable and customised solutions.  

Try Audit Manager 

We don’t care to have movie or sports stars as fake testimonials, we are involucrate with Massimo, Danilo, Gianluca, Alessandro and all the other professionals who, like you, want to exploit the benefits of digitalisation.

Our Sales Team is waiting for you to write the next review…  

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