Are you unsure about Audit Manager? Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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1What types of audits does the software handle?  
One of the most important features of Audit Manager is its flexibility. Si adatta a qualsiasi tipo di audit (di prima, seconda e terza parte), ispezione e controllo legati a processi, sistemi, prodotti e servizi.È in grado di gestire verifiche in ambito qualità, salute, sicurezza, ambiente, audit di certificazione (es. ISO9001) ma anche ispezioni di stabilimento e punti vendita, audit a fornitori, e qualsiasi altra tipologia di controllo supportato da checklist.
2Does the software also handle audits required by regulations?
Yes, you can use Audit Manager to digitise the audits required by regulations and standards for the certification of products and all management systems.
3Does the software handle non-conformities?
Sì, il software gestisce l’intera vita delle non conformità. A partire dalla loro rilevazione – supportata anche da fotografie, video, audio, ecc. - è possibile mettere in atto il ciclo di follow-up con azioni correttive e preventive.
4Can I collect evidence and findings in the field?
Sì, con l’app Audit Manager puoi raccogliere in tempo reale non conformità, evidenze o rilievi riscontrati in fase di compilazione dell’audit e attribuirgli diversi valori (punteggio, livello di priorità, data di risoluzione, incaricati responsabili), con il supporto il supporto di fotografie, video, note vocali, disegni, annotazioni o documenti.
5Can I carry out my audit activities in the absence of a connection?
Sì. L’applicativo è stato progettato proprio per funzionare anche in assenza di connettività: grazie all’app Audit Manager è possibile effettuare tutte le attività di audit sul campo anche offline. Quando sarà possibile connettersi attraverso una qualsiasi rete, Audit Manager sincronizzerà automaticamente le informazioni con il sistema centrale.
6Can I collect signatures from operators?
Yes, the Audit Manager app allows you to collect electronic signatures of both internal and external personnel (e.g. suppliers/collaborators) directly on a tablet or mobile phone.
7How can I add a customised checklist?
You can load any checklist into Excel, copy and paste questions or create an inspection from scratch.
8Can you manage deadlines and notifications? 

Yes, Audit Manager has its own timetable and allows you to configure an e-mail notification service to be sent to auditors and functions concerned, in the event of alerts, dispositions, deadlines, anomalies, so as to ensure effective control of the audit process and management of non-conformities.

9Can the software also be used by personnel from outside the company?
Of course, Audit Manager can also be used by personnel from outside the company either to manage processes for which they have been involved or just to consult the audits/inspections/audits carried out under their responsibility
10With which operating systems is Audit Manager compatible?
Audit Manager is compatible with Windows 10 operating systems, Android Oreo 8.0 (API level 26) and higher, and iOS 9.0 and higher.
11Which devices are compatible with Audit Manager?
Audit Manager is compatible with:
  • PC, laptop or tablet running Windows 10 and higher;
  • Android Oreo 8.0 (API level 26) and higher tablets and smartphones;
  • iPad and iPhone iOS 9.0 and higher;
12Is the software customisable?

Yes, Audit Manager is customisable - in addition to being brandable with your own logo and colours - to your business needs, processes and flows and allows customisation of categories, checklists, print layouts and more.

For example, Audit Manager provides several customisable fields in addition to the already numerous attributes and fields available in the audit and checklist configuration.

During the analysis phase, our team is always active and pro-active in making Audit Manager an effective and efficient support for the management of different business processes and flows.

The least impactful changes will be quickly implemented, the development of new customised modules will always be possible, and we will design the best integration flow together. In both cases, if the new developments are deemed horizontally useful with respect to customers and sectors, the changes you request can become an integral part of the product itself!

13 Is it easy to integrate with the company's existing information systems?

Yes, Audit Manager integrates easily with corporate information systems and in a bi-directional manner. Integration is essential to avoid dispersion or duplication of data. In addition to integration with information systems, it is also possible to request integration with specialised hardware for immediate data collection.

14Is the software usable in Cloud mode? 

Yes, Audit Manager is both Cloud (Saas - Software as a Service) and installable on the company's internal server (On-premise).

15What are the different users of Audit Manager?
Audit Manager has two types of users:
  • Full user: has the possibility of activating all the functionalities of both the desktop module and the mobile module (Audit Manager app);
  • Light user: has the possibility to manage the process of non-conformities/defects/reports found assigned to him.
16How long does implementation take? 

Software implementation times vary depending on various factors (custom configurations, number of users and management modules to be enabled, mode of use, etc.) and will be indicated following the preliminary analysis we will carry out with the customer.

In general, each of our projects has a fast implementation time, allowing the company to be operational within a few months.

17 What are the software costs?
Each project, whether in Cloud (Saas) or On-premise mode, has three cost items:
  • Solution (user licences, installation, configuration, training, etc.)
  • Project (preliminary analysis, final testing and acceptance) Annual support
  • Supporto annuale
In order to provide an estimate, we recommend an initial meeting/demo, also via the web, with one of our contact persons, in order to examine the company's needs in depth, understand the number of users who must use the solution, and consequently be able to provide a quantification in terms of the costs of a possible project.
18How does assistance work?

The Audit Manager team provides its customers with comprehensive and timely support, starting from the initial stages with project analysis through to assistance on the already implemented product.

Each customer has its own specific support e-mail where a dedicated team of resources performs a first level audit/response.

In addition to this, there is a Project Manager, the company's first point of contact, who personally takes care of the development of the project, supporting the personnel involved in each phase of implementation (analysis, configuration and training) of the software, as well as transmitting all installation, integration, import, migration and customisation specifications to the Development Centre.

19How can I stay up-to-date on new releases?

The Audit Manager team for each release issues a detailed document indicating the product improvements and any fixes collected from customers.

The document compares the pre and post, trying to answer any doubts.

20How can I request a demo?

Click here and fill in the form. You will be contacted by our team to schedule a free live demo with one of our consultants. Write to us, we look forward to digitising your processes!