What they say about Audit Manager

Our clients talk about how Audit Manager has improved company processes, both when collecting data during audits and testing and when interpreting and analysing data. By digitalising quality control activities, companies can work on the basis of a clean and consistent database that can help them implement improvement policies and raise their product and service quality standards.

You’ll also find more detailed articles on quality and digitalisation, taken from events we took part in with our customers.

“The real challenge has been maintaining shared standards while promoting the differences between the various boat models. We looked for a digital solution able to give us checklists dedicated to each model, to provide us with documentation to support the testing process and to quickly archive all the information collected during the tests.”

Claudio Gai

Head of Quality at Azimut Yachts

“We needed to create cutting-edge, top-quality products. This need is what led to our collaboration. With its Audit Manager solution, Focus Informatica was able to meet all our requirements, both primary and secondary. Audit Manager is the tool that Azimut can never stop using.”

Gianluca Santevecchi

IT Manager at Azimut Yachts

“Our goal is to achieve further reductions in the 50-30 point defect level. You have to set yourself targets and in order to do so you need tangible data. This was extremely difficult to do in the past. It was extremely laborious. Now it’s become very easy.”

Gianluca Santevecchi

IT Manager at Azimut Yachts

“We had a number of objectives for Benetti: to simplify and reduce the time needed after testing – in order to archive and digitise all the issues – and to avoid the loss of information – exchanges mainly took place via e-mail. This was solved thanks to the portal. This system allows us to filter the non-conformity notes on an ongoing basis, evaluating their status and understanding which ones to act on. Lastly, we come to the indicators: this database, which is gradually growing, will provide us with indicators on our performance.”

Alessandro Vagelli

Head of Quality at Benetti Yachts


JULY 23, 2020

Quality Assurance and Digitalised Testing: interview with AZIMUT|BENETTI GROUP

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