Coop Lombardia and the use of Audit Manager

Coop Lombardia


The management of multi-site structures, such as large-scale distribution and retail groups, is very complex due to the division of the business into stores located in different parts of the country and even in other countries. Furthermore, the management of obligations relating to health and safety in the workplace must be a central focus on a daily basis.

In addition to internal controls and audits, supplier selection, pricing policies, inventory management, business strengthening, brand advocacy and risk control are also important aspects to be managed.


Coop Lombardia is one of seven large consumer cooperatives within the Coop system. Coop Lombardia boasts a commercial network of ninety-two sales outlets: fourteen hypermarkets and seventy-eight supermarkets, of which eighteen are superstores and thirty-seven are proximity stores.

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Coop Lombardia needed to digitise the safety audit and internal audit processes, conducted in each individual store, whatever their size (HYPER, SUPER, MINI).

Given the large area in which the various stores are located, the defects detected in each individual store had to be collected in a centralised and traceable way, classifiable and consequently monitorable.


Coop Lombardia identified the Audit Manager app as a solution for saving time and money when carrying out audits. It has also found the simplicity and usability of the solution to be suitable for all types of professionals.
Thanks to the digitisation of data collection process and the centralisation and classification of the same, monitoring proved to be timely and accurate.
The scalability of the solution meant that new auditing tasks could be handled quickly.

Coop Lombardia

Large-Scale Retail Trade

Internal and security audits

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