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Plan and schedule the audit or inspection activities configuring the single auditors and involving your work team.

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Fill out the checklists, preloaded or customized, and create the audit dossier with documentation, pictures, videoclips, data from hardware and sensors.

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Insert the defects found and plan the corrective actions. The work team will be immediately updated with notifications and alerts.

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Get information on precise data and plan your goals thanks to the business intelligence: you will have analysis, KPIs, charts and reports at your disposal.

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  • Create Auditor profile (internal auditors, audit project manager, audit project leader, senior auditor, etc)
  • Checklist definition
  • Pre-audit documents management
  • Audit activities planning and scheduling
  • Audit execution by checklist completion
  • Accompanying documentation collection (images and pictures with the possibility of annotations, video clips, voice notes, various documents)
  • Audit progress management
  • Creation and print of reports and audit minutes
  • Analysis and reports by period, audit subject, auditor, audit issue (quality, safety, etc)


  • It’s simple and user-friendly: the mobile App lets you use touch screen, camera, geolocation and all the typical tools of your mobile.
  • It’s open and flexible: you can use pre-loaded checklist or create your own. With simple steps
  • It’s innovative: it’s developed for mobile devices to help you collect photos, video clips, voice notes to complete and enrich the checklist
  • It’s “always on”: you haven’t an internet connection? It doesn’t matter. Fill out the audit on your mobile device and when you will connect to a network, synchronization will be automatic.
  • It’s continuously supported and updated: our team of developers is at your disposal to answer your questions and help you make the most of “Audit Manager”.
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  • Enterprises, consulting offices, certification and public institutions that needs to manage team of auditors and audits, carry out checks and inspections, plan checks and analyse collected data.
  • Auditor consultants who want to have a powerful tool for their professional activities.

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