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Plan and schedule audit or testing activities via the web portal by configuring individual auditors and involving your team.

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Complete the pre-loaded or customised checklists via your tablet and create the audit dossier with documentation, photos, video clips and data from hardware and sensors.

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Enter any non-conformities found and plan corrective action. The team will be updated immediately with notifications and alerts.

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Get information about certain data and plan your goals with business intelligence: analyses, KPIs, charts and reports will be available to you.

Audit Manager will allow you to:

  • plan and manage your audit activities in an orderly and controlled fashion
  • involve employees through multiauditor use
  • use Microsoft, Android and iOS devices to compile digitalised custom checklists
  • monitor and analyse the data collected and the degree of process application
  • implement corrective action after detecting non-conformities
  • consult the data collected during the audit activities through KPIs, charts and reports
  • certify product, process, program and system quality
  • verify safety procedures and devices in the workplace
  • systematically evaluate processes designed to protect the environment


  • Auditor profiling (internal auditor, audit project manager, audit project leader, senior auditor)
  • Checklist definition
  • Pre-audit document management
  • Audit activity scheduling
  • Immediate data collection through the integration of specialist hardware
  • Audit performance through checklist completion
  • Collection of accompanying documentation (photographs with the possibility for notes, videos, voice notes, documents)
  • Activity progress management
  • Audit report creation and printout
  • Collected data analysis and monitoring through KPIs, filtering the data by period, subject, auditor, type, etc.


  • Simple and intuitive: the mobile app allows you to use touchscreen, camera, geolocation and all typical mobile tools.
  • Open and flexible: use preloaded checklists or create your own.
  • Innovative: developed for mobile devices that can be used to collect photos, video clips, voice notes, etc. to complete and add to the checklist.
  • “Always on”: don’t have an internet connection right now? It doesn’t matter. Fill out the audit on your mobile device and next time a network connection becomes available synchronisation will take place automatically.
  • Ongoing support and updates: a team of people ready to answer questions and help you make the best possible use of Audit Manager.

Audit Manager is customisable!

Contact us: we’ll show you the solution and answer all your questions.