Optimizing Productivity: Soteha Zucchi 39 | Audit Manager
soteha event

INDUSTRY 4.0: Optimize Productivity with a Smart Factory

SOTEHA – Zucchi 39
18 June 2019
from 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Secure and smart factory networks. Connecting tools, processes and people for increased productivity.

CISCOFocus Informatica and Soteha are the key players in the “Industry 4.0: Optimising Productivity with a Smart Factory” workshop, an exclusive opportunity to explore the subject and examine solutions capable of connecting tools, people and processes within a single industrial network, with a view to safer and more efficient product manufacturing, cutting costs and time. Over recent years, “Business Intelligence”, “Cloud”, “IoT”, “Big Data” and “Machine Learning” have been recurrent expressions in digital transformation and innovation. Whatever the sector you operate in, from quality control and safety to the supply chain, production and customer service, you encounter these issues on a daily basis. The intelligent use of real-time data is critical to a successful factory network. Industrial digitalisation, which involves combining cyber and physical technology, represents a significant opportunity for manufacturers to optimise processes, increase productivity and improve products and services, making responsible decisions based on real and secure shared information.


soteha event

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