Adopting an audit software is the best way to spot the mistake
spot the mistake

The easiest way to spot the mistake

Benefits and features of using an audit software

One of the most popular and long-lived jigsaw games is: ‘spot the mistake’. We’ve all tried at least once with this classic picture enigma that compares two images that differ in small details, realising how difficult it is to identify which doesn’t match.

Probably, the great popularity of the game is due to the fact that it stimulates our skills of analysis, concentration and comparison. Even those who are very able at this kind of games perfectly know that an aid as a support where they could write notes or draw up lists would be helpful to significantly reduce verification time spending and guarantee the security of results.

Inspectors and auditors who are grappling with the collection and analysis of processes and data every day hunting for inaccuracies and non-conformities are surely among the best players on ‘spot the mistake’. They are also very lucky because if there is not yet a tool capable of helping us to solve jigsaw puzzles, instead a software for audits exists. A digital solution for inspections is able to significantly optimise and simplify audit processes and organise ordinary and extraordinary checks.

Benefits of an audit software

There are several advantages to joining an inspection software taylored on business needs.

We have selected the most impactful benefits on audit performance:

  • Inspection automatization All activities that require a lot of time and resources if performed manually will be automated. Software suitably set up and developed according to the specifics of the analysed processes saves time, money and significantly reduces the risk of errors in data collection and analysis.
  • Inspection efficiency Carrying out inspections more effectively and being able to manage multiple checks at the same time is another advantage of using an ad hoc application. In addition to saving time and resources, it increases productivity.
  • Continuous traceability in real time By digitising the audits it is possible to keep track of all the inspections carried out and the results obtained, this allows you to have a global view of the effectiveness of the verification activities and to develop informed decisions based on data.
  • Reliability of results The greater consistency in the verification process ensured by automation reduces the risk of recompilation errors. Furthermore, data analysis makes identification of omissions or non-conformances easy and accurate.
  • Automatic updates Keeping up with regulations and market needs is essential to be competitive and appreciated. The audit applications are constantly updated so that the verification activities are always aligned with current best practices and legal and quality standards.
  • Ease of sharing The ability to share audit results simply and in real time with interested parties, such as customers or suppliers, allows you to improve transparency, increase trust between parties and streamline decision-making processes and the identification of non-compliance of company policies.

What does auditing software do?

We have seen how a management system for audits and inspections allows you to effectively improve inspection reliability. Now, let’s go deeper and see what are the main tools of a digital solution for audits and inspections.

Customised inspection checklists

Inspections scheduling and notification

Data collection tools

Automatic Reporting

Safe data storage

Customised inspection checklists

A digital solution allows the creation of customised checklists for inspections. Users themselves can define the specific evaluation criteria for each inspection and develop optimised checklists, easy to compile and analyse in real time.

Because of the electronic compilation, the possibility of inserting incomplete forms is erased and the results are immediately available.

Inspections scheduling and notification

Scheduling audit and inspection activities by generating alerts and reminders sent automatically and in real time to managers seems like a dream, but it’s reality.

An audit software allows you to schedule activities, in order to avoid waste or overlapping of time and resources.

It can also notify affected resources in case of emergencies to ensure that the task is done immediately.

Data collection tools

The digitalization of the inspection processes generates a complete and continuous data collection and allows the inclusion of evaluations, images, videos and notes.

The information immediately enters into the data flow to be consulted and/or shared in real time on any device.

The use of technology greatly simplifies not only the collection phase, but above all the analysis task thanks to the use of self-learning algorithms with a calculation and comparison power unimaginable just a few years ago. Thus, audit software is capable of transforming data into precious indications for optimising processes and identifying problems.

Automatic Reporting

The application does not just collect and analyse information, it uses the data entered to automatically generate reports, graphics, tables and statistics that are essential to understand and visualise the trends and problems encountered during audit and inspection activities.

Also in this case, the ease and immediacy of sharing results allows for the elaboration of a quick and informed response, based on real data.

Safe data storage

The storage of inspection and audit results data needs security and accessibility guaranteed by the use of a latest generation application both in cloud-based mode or as SAAS.

Digital archiving allows access to any information uploaded in real time and from any connected device in a protected environment, moreover, it represents the essential historical basis for continuously improving the statistical reliability of the results.

How to acquire a customised software

Those listed are just some of the functions that we can integrate and develop for the most different businesses. Are you ready to embrace digitization and to try our digital solutions for audits and inspections? Visit us to discover Audit Manager.