Non-conformity and correttive action management software

A real improvement process thanks to information traceability and centralisation.

Good non-conformity management as a business asset

Any company, even the most efficient one, could find itself having to manage, analyse and trying to solve different types of non-conformities that might be related to a product, a service, a process, a procedure or the system.

Each organisation must therefore be ready to manage non-conformities and respond to them in the best possible way, not only resolving them through corrective or preventive actions, but also and above all analysing the causes and preventing their reoccurrence.

In most cases, this management is performed using paper or Excel files with the risk of losing important data, in addition to forcing the staff involved to waste a lot of time finding all the information to be analysed.

A good non-conformity management system should, in fact, make it possible to quickly trace the history of non-conformities and immediately highlight critical situations that could lead to serious problems in the long run.

This makes it possible to control processes with the highest degree of certainty, reducing the time needed to resolve them and allowing the company to achieve its objectives and ensure continuous improvement.

How can Audit Manager help you manage non-conformities, findings, defects and corrective actions.

Audit Manager is a customisable software that allows a single tool to manage and constantly monitor the entire non-conformity process, from the first report to the management of the same, all the way through to the corrective actions to be applied.

The system allows the auditors and the personnel involved to plan audits and monitor their progress, to check the conformity of products and processes by uploading predefined or custom checklists, to generate and share audit reports and minutes, and to create and manage the entire flow of non-conformity reports if necessary.

In addition to this, with Audit Manager you will be able to:

  • attach multimedia files of different types to each question;
  • assign deadlines and send email notifications to those involved;
  • collect signatures from both internal and external personnel;
  • classify non-conformities and manage the associated corrective actions;
  • consult the progress of audits and any non-conformities that emerged;
  • analyse the data collected in real time through KPIs, charts and reports.

The Audit Manager modules

Web portal

The portal operates on a standard desktop web platform and manages configuration, audit planning and data analysis capabilities.

Mobile App

Available on multiple devices (Android, iOS and Microsoft), the mobile app allows audits to be performed on the go with a mobile phone or tablet and makes it possible to collect documents, photos, videos, audio recordings and electronic signatures.

It can operate autonomously in offline mode and when an internet connection next becomes available the system automatically syncs with the web portal.

Some of Audit Manager’s strong points

System can be configured according to the company’s processes and requirements.

Data traceability and centralised information.

Management of unlimited audits of various types (product, process, area, etc.).

Possibility of having non-conformity management workflows differentiated by type

Multilingual, multisite and multidevice

Can be integrated with company information systems and technologies already in use

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