Audit, inspection, test and non-conformity management

Audit Manager will make your
tasks organised, fast and automated.

Audit Manager allows you to optimise the management of audits, inspections, controls and tests in every phase: planning and compilation through digitised checklists, collection of evidence and field surveys, verification of non-conformities, identification of corrective actions and data monitoring.

1. Plan audits and assign them to the team involved

Internal or external staff, using any device!

Access the calendar and schedule the audits by associating the relevant information with each one (subject, checklist, lead auditor, co-auditor, participants, etc.). The personnel involved, both internal and external, can receive an invitation via email and consult the audit schedule directly through the app.

2. Perform audits by completing any type of checklist

Several checklists in one place, with detailed and accurate user profiling.

Load any checklist into Excel, copy and paste the questions or create an inspection from scratch. Choose the answer types (OK, KO, NA, free text, numeric, date, single dropdown, multiple dropdown, etc.), add logic to simplify questions that may require complex answers, and proceed with the compilation.

App available for iOS, Android and Windows!

3. Collect evidence, findings and non-conformities

Photographs, audio, videos and surveys to be added directly to projects or maps!

Identify evidence, findings, and non-conformances in the field, score them, rank them by severity and prioritise each one for resolution. Attach multimedia files of different types (video, photos, audio, drawings, notes, voice notes or documents) and obtain signatures from respondents.

4. Create and share the audit report

...and more! Work lists, custom reports and Excel exports!

Once the inspection is over, generate the audit report in pdf or excel format and share it directly from your mobile with the company management or with the managers. The comprehensive report archive is always available and organised and you can add it to the document repositories used by the company.

5. Manage non-conformities and identify corrective actions

Done, Resolved, Unresolved, Assigned: all the statuses you need to build your workflow!

Check the progress of non-conformities, create differentiated management workflows based on their type and identify the responsible parties for the various phases, generating work lists for each of them and printouts of corrective actions to be forwarded automatically by email.

6. Monitor and pursue continuous improvement

Charts, reports and Excel exports: identify your KPIs, the data is all here!

Using BI tools, get real-time information on frequent trends and issues through dashboards and interactive panels based on specific KPIs to understand whether business objectives are being met and to drive continuous improvement.

Most appreciated features

Configurable and customisable software

Unlimited audits, which can be configured differently according to type.

Definition and configuration of all checklists, with no limits.

Involvement of internal and external staff

Multi-device, multi-user, multi-site and multilingual.

Differentiated non-conformity management workflows.

All information digitised in one place.

Immediate report production and information gathering via KPIs and Charts.

Can be integrated with systems already present in the company (HR, PBS, CRM).

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Cloud solution with Microsoft Azure

Based on Microsoft Azure systems, Audit Manager’s server infrastructure offers significant speed, reliability, security and privacy guarantees.


Most cloud computing services are provided on a self-service, on-demand basis. This means you can provision even large amounts of computing resources in minutes, usually with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Cloud computing makes things simpler and reduces the costs of data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity by mirroring data across multiple redundant sites in the cloud service provider’s network.

Security and Privacy

By choosing Microsoft Azure Cloud you are giving your company security and the peace of mind that your data is being managed by experts, with controlled access. Indeed, the cloud platform adheres to strict global privacy standards and operates according to the highest security standards.

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