Azimut|Benetti group presents Audit Manager

Azimut | Benetti with us to present the Audit Manager

Thanks to our longstanding collaboration, Azimut|Benetti Group accompanied us to present Audit Manager.

During three different talks, Claudio Gai (Head of Quality at Azimut Yachts), Gianluca Santevecchi (IT Manager at Azimut Yachts) and Alessandro Vagelli (Head of Quality at Benetti Yachts) spoke about how Audit Manager has helped the company in the area of quality, particularly as regards collecting tangible data that made it possible to identify targets and achieve measurable objectives.


Azimut|Benetti is the largest megayacht production network and the world’s leading private group in the luxury yachting sector. Operating in sixty-eight countries with a network of 138 sales and service offices, six shipyards and over forty models in production, the Azimut and Benetti group’s two brands offer the widest range of yachts in the world.

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The needs expressed by the customer were to digitise the quality control phases, to eliminate manual activities and the consequent possibility of error in the production control process, to provide the management with an aggregate data archive updated over time and to ensure data security and backup.


Azimut Benetti revolutionised its product line quality control by using Audit Manager to digitise all manual processes. The project has enabled the company to increase staff productivity, reduce manual processes, eliminate paper documents and guarantee customers even higher quality Italian-made products.


Orange Peel

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Orange peel is an annoying paintwork effect that is very familiar to boat builders and body shops. When integrated with an appearance measurement scan, Audit Manager detects paintwork non-conformities and maps your product to show where the orange peel effect is detrimental to its quality and beauty. This makes it possible to check for its presence and arrange for it to be repaired so that you can to deliver a perfect product to your end customers.



A new integration for Audit Manager: connection to Orchestra Web Roll&Pitch measurement hardware allows our customers to include boat stability data in their audits.

The sensor measures the alignment of moving surfaces, using automatic calibration thanks to a triaxial accelerometer with 100Hz signal sampling. All this can be used on mobile devices thanks to a serial-USB connection and integration with the Audit Manager app.

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