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Audits for the Luxury Goods sector​

What can Audit Manager do for you?

Software management audits, inspections and non-compliance in the luxury goods sector.

One of the biggest challenges facing luxury brands is being sure that their products comply with current regulations, while meeting consumer expectations for Quality, Safety and Ethics.
Furthermore, the market demands very high standards within shorter and shorter timeframes, meaning that it is essential to certify and guarantee luxury brand product requirements starting with the production and supply chain, ensuring that suppliers maintain uphold product or service quality standards of product or service, all the way through to points of sale and distribution. This will allow companies to:

  • improve quality and speed of response to a variable and highly competitive marketplace
  • optimise product performance and promote sustainability and safety
  • protect brand reputation by securing the trust of their customers
  • strengthen their control of the distribution network
  • improve their internal control and risk management system
  • assess supplier quality

Audit Manager helps to achieve these objectives, offering a digital solution that can easily and effectively manage audit, testing and quality control activities in the luxury goods sector.

Yachts and luxury boats | On course for perfection

Improves testing and quality control processes.

Industry leaders have relied on Audit Manager for luxury yacht auditing, from production to testing.
In addition to more or less standard production, supplier and safety auditing, Audit Manager is integrated with specific hardware for the luxury boatbuilding world: one is a device that measures the Roll&Pitch of boats, while the other is a wave scan that detects paintwork defects known as Orange Peel. Both devices collect data that Audit Manager manages and releases to the user in a clearly understandable and measurable way.

Thanks to Audit Manager’s digitalisation of the quality control and testing processes, it is now easier than ever to collect tangible data, making it possible to establish smart targets and objectives. Analysing and monitoring one’s own performance is the best way to manufacture items with fewer and fewer defects.

Audit Manager benefits:

  • identification of targets, KPIs and quality standards
  • increased product and service quality
  • improved Quality Management System
  • planning audits, detection and classification of non-conformities
  • identification of the corrective actions necessary to resolve non-conformities
  • report generation at the end of the audit
  • follow-up management
  • integration with existing systems: software, sensors and hardware
  • total customisation of checklists, features and graphics
  • data monitoring and analysis
  • continuous help and assistance

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