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Audits for Industry and Manufacturing sectors

What can Audit Manager do for you?

Software for the management of audits, inspections and non-conformities in the industry and manufacturing sectors.

Industry and manufacturing companies have to comply with various quality, environment and safety in the workplace management system regulations and certifications to ensure that a product is reliable, that a service is of high quality and that the company operates according to certain requirements.
In addition to this, many companies in the sector have several plants often located both nationally and internationally, have a large number of employees and carry out regulated activities, involving a number of people and processes. Everyone must therefore strive to ensure compliance with regulations and uphold a culture based on ethics and respect.

Audit Manager is the ideal software for ensuring the quality of processes, products, machinery, equipment and systems, as well as compliance with industry standards.
Thanks to its ease of use, it allows for the optimal management of audit, verification and control activities in different areas, acting as a helpful took for Quality Specialists and Quality Managers during daily auditing activities, as well as periodic reviews and analyses.
Its system of indicators and immediate data collection also make it possible to monitor performance, analyse statistics and identify shortcomings and/or areas for improvement to ensure a constant/rising quality level over time and boost customer satisfaction.

Audit Manager benefits:

  • identification of targets, KPIs and quality standards
  • increased product and service quality
  • risk assessment and risk reduction
  • non-conformity detection, audit planning and establishment of corrective actions
  • production of inspection reports and fast management of alerts and/or non-conformities detected
  • integration with existing systems: software, sensors and hardware
  • total customisation of checklists, functions and graphics
  • continuous help and assistance

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