Monitoring health and safety

Audits for Chemical sector​

What can Audit Manager do for you?

Audit, inspection and non-conformity management software for the chemical sector.

Companies in the chemical sector, characterised by the presence of multinational subsidiaries and numerous independent SMEs, need to demonstrate a responsible attitude by ensuring that their plants, equipment, products and services meet high standards of quality, health and safety, respect for the environment and social responsibility. This translates into a strategic objective to strengthen their business image by promoting this focus.
Attention has to be paid to the proper management of production processes in order to ensure product quality in keeping with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and in compliance with ATEX safety standards.

Thanks to its modular and flexible designAudit Manager software can be used to optimise audit, inspection and control activities in different fields of application.
It can be customised and integrated with the systems already present in the company, also allowing for comprehensive data collection that makes it possible to highlight missed objectives, potential improvements to internal processes and the compliance status of areas under investigation, with the primary aim of offering the customers a product/service perfectly in line with expectations.

Audit Manager benefits:

  • identification of targets, KPIs and quality standards
  • increased product and service quality
  • improved Quality Management System
  • audit planning, non-conformity detection and classification
  • identification of the corrective actions needed to resolve non-conformities
  • report generation at the end of the audit
  • follow-up management
  • integration with existing systems: software, sensors and hardware
  • total customisation of checklists, functions and graphics
  • data monitoring and analysis
  • continuous help and assistance

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