Transparency, internal audits and risk management

Audits for Public Administration sector​

What can Audit Manager do for you?

Audit, inspection and non-conformity management software for the Public Administration (PA) sector.

In order to ensure reliability and optimise financial, operational and commercial flows, local authorities and public organisations must organise and implement an extensive auditing, inspection and analysis activities to check regulatory compliance and effective alignment with the institutional mission.
Over time, the Public Administration has seen an evolution in internal audits due to the advent of legislative reforms and measures.

To name a few:

  • Legislative Decree 286/1999 concerning audits of administrative and accounting regularity, management control, management evaluation, strategic evaluation and control;
  • Legislative Decree 150/2009 regarding the evaluation of organisational and individual performance (managers and civil servants);
  • EC Regulation CE 882/2004 which entails for a “cascading” audit mechanism between the Competent Authorities – Ministry of Health (ACC), Regions and Autonomous Provinces (ACR) and Local Health Authorities (ACL) – as regards food safety and veterinary public health.


Thanks to Audit Manager software for first, second and third party internal and external audit management, the PA can carry out the various types of controls easily and independently, in keeping with their requirements.
This solution, which can be customised and integrated with existing solutions, also allows for the collection of useful data that makes it easier to identify quality targets, future actions and business objectives.

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Audit Manager benefits:

  • definizione di target, KPI e standard di qualità
  • miglioramento del Quality Management System
  • pianificazione degli audit e rilevazione/classificazione delle non conformità
  • definizione delle azioni correttive necessarie alla risoluzione delle non conformità
  • generazione del verbale di audit con attività svolte, evidenze e NC rilevate
  • gestione delle attività di follow up
  • integrazione con sistemi già esistenti : software, sensori e hardware
  • totale personalizzazione delle checklist, delle funzionalità e della grafica
  • monitoraggio e analisi dati

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