Audit software for & Wellness sectors

Audit for Ho.Re.Ca e Wellness sectors

What can Audit Manager do for you?

Audit, inspection and non-conformity management software in the Horeca and Wellness sector.

Businesses in the hospitality sector (restaurants, hotels, cafes) and sports, wellness and wellbeing facilities (sports centres, spas and gyms) face daily challenges in terms of employee and guest health and safetyrespect for the environment and the community, as well as service quality.
They will therefore have to develop and manage their business in an optimal and certified manner, in terms of professionalism, updates, safety and reliability, guaranteeing high standards of quality and compliance with industry regulations.
This is why it is essential to use digital tools that make it easier to carry out checks and controls, even in the case of organisations with different sites around the country and abroad.

Audit Manager is a software that can be used to carry out various kinds of audits and inspections (system audits, product/service inspections, mystery shopping, etc.), and to optimise all the programming, management and control activities for service companies working in the sports, fitness, wellness, beauty and leisure sectors.
In addition to this, the possibility of carrying out analyses and reports thanks to immediate data collection allows for more accurate and prompt punctual auditing and planning activity for the management, improving the efficiency of the structures, with great advantages in terms of customer satisfaction and, consequent, in terms of profits.

Hotel | 5* quality with Audit Manager

Maximising revenue through the guest experience

The guest experience is fundamental to the success of a hotel or resort. It is therefore necessary to offer the highest standards in terms of: reception, room cleaning and maintenance, lounge and common areas, data management and security (GDPR), additional services (e.g. room service, restaurant, bar, recreational activities, sports equipment, gym, swimming pools, children’s play area), etc.
This is why Audit Manager is the ideal software for the easy management of audit, inspection and quality control activities, making it possible to achieve excellence and, above all, customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Furthermore, the Audit Manager app developed for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices can be used to manage audit activities on the move, collecting documents, photos, videos and digital signatures directly.

Audit Manager benefits:

  • identification of targets, KPIs and quality standards
  • improved Quality Management System
  • reduced times and costs in terms of facility and staff management
  • increased service quality and consequent customer satisfaction
  • monitoring the state of the facility and the services offered
  • for chains: management, control and monitoring of locations, located both nationally and abroad
  • audit planning, non-conformity detection and classification
  • identification of the corrective actions needed to resolve non-conformities
  • report generation at the end of the audit and management of follow-up activities
  • integration with existing systems: software, sensors and hardware
  • total customisation of checklists, functions and graphics
  • continuous help and assistance

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