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Audits for retail and large-scale distribution sectors

What can Audit Manager do for you?

Audit, inspection and non-conformity management software for the retail and large-scale distribution sector.

The management of multi-site structures such as large-scale distribution groups is extremely complex due to the division of the business into stores located in different areas of the country and abroad. In addition to this, the management of health and safety in the workplace obligations must be seen as a daily priority.
The selection of suppliers, pricing policies, warehouse management, strengthening the business, brand protection and risk control are all important aspects.
This is a highly competitive market, where consumers compare different points of sale to find the products offering the best value for money. Companies must try to meet their requirements and needs and to ensure product quality and safety.
This involves monitoring the entire supply chain, choosing products, evaluating and selecting suppliers, checking the shipped goods and carrying out spot checks at points of sale.
Audits have become an essential tool within this context in order to manage risk, identify areas for improvement and evaluate the performance of the supply chain.


This is why a digital system like Audit Manager is essential, making it possible to carry out optimised audit, inspection and control activities, all the way through from the raw material supplies to the production and distribution of the finished product.
Customisable and open to integration with the company’s existing systems, it also allows for immediate data collection, making it possible to highlight missed objectives, potential improvements to internal processes and the compliance status of the areas under investigation, with the primary aim of offering the customer a product/service perfectly in line with expectations.

Audit Manager benefits:

  • identification of targets, KPIs and quality standards
  • increased product and service quality
  • improved Quality Management System
  • audit planning, non-conformity detection and classification
  • identification of corrective actions needed to resolve non-conformities
  • report generation at the end of the audit
  • follow-up management
  • integration with existing systems: software, sensors and hardware
  • total customisation of checklists, functions and graphics
  • data monitoring and analysis
  • continuous help and assistance

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